Benefits of Goal

The Goal Setting is an important topic we often cover in training programs..

I wanted to put it in a simple way.. This idea came out and the feedback is also very encouraging. Hope this may be useful to some of us.

Unless we understand the impact of a Goal, whatever the commitment we make would be just another promise for that occasion.

In many business conferences, at the end of conference, there would be a traditional session of asking the trainees a commitment of business. It will end up with a HUGE commitment and finally the result may not match that.

But if we could really understand the power of Goal, we could make a serious attempt.

I ask the following questions and the common answers are given below.

How do you go to a nearby shop?
Ans: By walk / By Bike / By Auto

How do you go to a place just 10 kilometers away?
Ans: By Bike / By Auto / By Car / By Bus

How do you go to a nearby town?
Ans: By Car / By Bus / By Train

How do you go to a faraway town?
Ans: By Train / By Flight

How do you go to Singapore?
Ans: By Flight

The understanding here is by increasing the distance of a place eliminates a SLOW mode of transport and includes a FAST mode of transport. And finally, when we fixed a Bigger Goal (Singapore), we select the only mode and we never think about any other option at all.

This is the power of Goal. Bigger the Goal, will eliminate the unwanted activities and will prepare you to travel in the FASTEST mode of transport. 

The wonder is, reaching Delhi from Chennai by train is much slower than reaching Singapore from Chennai by flight...!

If we set a Goal sincerely, we will sure reach it because, we will choose the right mode to reach.

By  Prasanna Venkatesan