How can I attend SAPT training program?
Please contact us through +91 9843161850 or +91 9994887194 or email us to bharathtrainers@gmail.com.

How long is SAPT training?

It is one day seminar for individuals. If the organizations sponsor the event, we can conduct it for two days also. This two days seminar will have more examples and activities.

How much should I pay for this program?

If you are an individual or a small team, you need to pay Rs. 1500/- for one day seminar + the cost of training hall & food. It would approximately cost you rupees 2300/- for a day per day per head including the food & training hall.
If you have a team of more than 50 people who will attend this program and if you sponsor for the event, you need to pay Rs. 1200/- per day per participant + the cost of training hall & food. If you have a comfortable air-conditioned training hall and if you can arrange the food, you need to pay only the fee as stated above.

Who will be the facilitator?

We have identified and intensively coached our SAPT facilitators. Our SAPT facilitators have rich experience in Training and Development and gone through extensive coaching on SAPT.

Do you provide any material?

Yes. We provide course workbook for all our participants. That is included in the fee stated above.

Can I get further assistance from Team SAPT?

Yes. The participants can enroll themselves into our '30 Days' Challenge' and get a free assistance for 30 days.

Who can bet benefited from SAPT?

SAPT is not only for salesmen but also for every individual who directly or indirectly sell. This means, SAPT is useful for salesmen, professionals, businessmen and self-employed.